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15 Nail Salon Marketing Beauty Tips!

  1. Create a Colorful Website

  2. Post Pictures of your work

  3. Write a Blog

  4. Offer Coupons

  5. Offer Loyalty Cards for Pedicures

  6. Offer Loyalty Cards for Manicures

  7. Offer Loyalty Cards for Waxing

  8. Offer Referral Cards

  9. Give discounts

  10. Offer a Free Nail Design after 5 Manicures

  11. Offer a Free Manicure after 10 Manicures

  12. Offer a discounted Pedicure on the slower days

  13. Surprise your client with a mani-pedi special

  14. Surprise your client with a compliment Eyebrow Shaping

  15. Surprise your client with a half price Lip Wax

Bright Manicure and Lipstick
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