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10 Beauty Skin Care Products

10 Beauty Skin Care Products



  1. Create a Skin Care Website

  2. Allow the Client to Hold the Product in their Hand. It’s important that they hold and smell the Product.

  3. By holding the Product the Client is able to determine the smell and texture of the Product.

  4. Offer the Client a Discount if they purchase 3 or more Products.

  5. Give them Free Samples of New Products.

  6. Display the Products Neatly and Accessorize with Fake Flowers and Candles.

  7. Ask Clients to give Feedback and Google Reviews about the Product and your Shop.

  8. Carry all Types of Skin Care Products, Oily, Dry and Normal. Always have enough in Stock.

  9. Most importantly Dust off the Retail Products Weekly.

  10. Give Clients Coupons for New and Old Products

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